The Ordained Barista
Ordained: To invest with ministerial or priestly authority; confer holy orders on. Barista: a preparer or server in a coffee bar.

What is your “Christmas Blend”?

Today I bought a pound of Starbucks Christmas Blend coffee beans to take to our church staff Christmas party, as a gift. I do love Starbucks Christmas Blend, it’s a seasonal blend of a few different types of coffee’s that give it a unique flavor! Read below to see the description that Starbucks gives the Christmas blend.

“…It’s the unique blend of beans that makes this coffee such a fitting accompaniment for your holiday taste traditions. Our Christmas Blend is sweet and spicy, with a flavor derived from bright, sparkling Latin American coffees and smooth, full-bodied Asia/Pacific beans. But it’s the Aged Sumatran beans, carefully held for 3 to 5 years before roasting, that give it that delicious signature spicy taste.”

Recently I have really been challenged about my own “Christmas Blend”. The blend of where and how I spend my time, treasure and talent during Advent season. Whether we realize it or not, all of us are on the front lines of a battle between culture, commercialism and the true meaning of Christmas. There are so many competing voices during the Christmas season between the shopping, children, Christmas cards, wish lists, parties, visiting relatives and travel (just to name a few) that we often forget why or HOW we should celebrate the season.

This Sunday we are going to be playing one of the videos from the Advent Conspiracy web page. ( This organization really challenges people to think about the meaning of Christmas and how much we allow commercialism to infiltrate this Holiday. Please, take a look at the video and, if you have time, take a look at the web page and recommend it to others. You can do that by sending them a link to this post or by directly sending them a link to the web site.

What are some of the traditions that you keep, during the advent season, to make sure you don’t loose sight of the birth of the Savior of the world? Jesus.

~Advent Conspiracy

3 Responses to “What is your “Christmas Blend”?”

  1. Great blog…you didn’t mention you STOLE it from someone and then someone STOLE it from you! Where is stealing in your advent list?

    • Shannon,
      “Stole” is such a strong word. I like to think that I was making the white elephant game a little more exciting by “trading” gifts. I am still bummed I didn’t get my coffee back!

  2. Barry:

    Good challenge for us all this Advent Season and any other season for that matter. Age necessarily changes one’s perspective on Advent/Christmas. The older one gets the less one needs and for that matter, the less one wants. The desire to give goes up. I can’t help but wonder why the Bible does not give Jesus birth date. We would probably turn it into something unholy or build a church on it or something. It still staggers me that God came helpless into this world looking for you and for me. The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ be with your spirit.

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