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Why the Philadelphia Eagles will win the SuperBowl!

barry-eagles-playerSo, I have been a Philadelphia Eagles fan since I was 5 or 6.  I can still remember crying after loosing the 1980 Superbowl to the Oakland Raiders in Superbowl XV. So, this year, after convincing late season wins against Arizona and New York I decided to hang my Eagles banner amidst the Christmas garland, white lights, wicker angels and Christmas wreaths that adorn the front of my Northern Virginian home.  Hanging the banner was an act of solidarity, on my part, after the painful Baltimore Ravens fiasco and the benching of Donovan. The birds also seem to be playing with a new vigor and a unique understanding that every game, from here on out, was a playoff game.  I even kept the banner up after the inexplicable loss to The Washington Redskins and our playoff hopes were reduced to a mathematical equation so complex that NASA scientists needed to be consulted.  In a stunning twist of irony, the Oakland Raiders, the same team that beat us in Superbowl XV,  had given us an improbable chance at redemption by beating the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

So, Why will the Eagles win the Superbowl this year? Let me tell you.  Saturday, January 3rd was a warm and gorgeous day here near the nations capital.  It was a perfect day to take down Christmas decorations and spend some time outside.  Still basking in the recent dismantling of T.O. and the Dallas Cowboys (sorry Tom) and my Eagles banner still victoriously waiving behind me, I cheerfully took down the lights and decorations on the outside of my house.  I was also thinking about the following days challenge, where we would be facing the Minnesota Vikings and leagues #1 running back.

The next day, after we convincingly beat Brad Childress and the Vikings, it felt like the Christmas season had been extended in some magical way.  Considering the benching of Donovan and the loss to the skins, and that Eagles had been written off more times than a pile of receipts during tax season, it was like receiving a Christmas present, days later, that had been lost in the holiday chaos.  On Monday morning I received a message from some friends, who live down the street, that I had inadvertently left 2 Christmas wreathes up in my windows out front (bitter cowboys and skins fans).  Since I hang-up and take-down the Christmas wreathes from the inside of my house, I had no idea in which windows the neglected wreathes hung in.  So, I went outside to find which window the wreathes were in,  so that I could take them down before my wife noticed and the marital mocking began.   That Monday was my first day back to work after a long winter vacation so I hurriedly exited my front door and headed toward the sidewalk.  I turned around, to face my house, and found the 2 round culprits in the top left corner windows that lead into my bedroom.  Also hanging there was my Eagles banner.  Then it hit me! Almost as if the banner was trying to tell me something. The conversation in my head went something like this:

img_03741Eagles Banner: “You Idiot! You can’t take those wreathes down now!”

Barry: Yes, But Christmas is over and I have already taken down all the other Christmas decorations. People will think I am an idiot!

Eagles Banner: “People already think your an idiot!  We have just won a Wildcard Playoff game and your going to take those wreathes down now?”

Barry: Yes, but what if the South Riding Proprietary fines me for having Christmas decorations up till February?

Eagles Banner: “Your an idiot!”

So, I left them up! They remain in my windows to this day.  It’s a good thing I left them up too, because since then the Eagles have gone on to beat the New York Giants (Sorry Beth and Dan) and now are one victory away from our 3rd Superbowl appearance in my life time. I am hopeful that this one will have a different outcome.

So as you are watching the game today, please remember my wreathes and write me a message after the game on the The Ordained Barista Blog!

And, Yes, I am completely aware that when I refer to the Eagles I write “We”.  I also realize that my name does not appear on the 2008-2009 Philadelphia Eagles roster, but it should.  Also, If we do go to the Superbowl this year and anyone wants to send a poor youth pastor and his beautiful wife to Tampa, to see the game, I will give you my 2 wreathes.  (After the game, of course!)



9 Responses to “Why the Philadelphia Eagles will win the SuperBowl!”

  1. So… Let me tell you how I literally fell off my bed at seeing young Barry pictures all Eagle-d out!
    I especially love the “Rock” like expression on the second picture.
    Go Eagles!

  2. Too funny, Barry! Love the dialogue with the wreath! Good luck today from your bitter Skins fan :O)

  3. Best of luck to you today. If you have to face the Ravens in the Superbowl, it’s O.V.E.R. God Bless and best of luck.


  4. If, perchance, someone does take pity on you and sends you, your beautiful bride and the EAGLES to the Superbowl, I offer to come all the way down there and watch the kids! Just to show support… BUT! I want ONE of those wreathes!

  5. Thank you for your fatihfulness! I still have mine up as well. It is my prayer that the Eagles go tot Tampa.
    I continue my dyslexic cry L-E-G-O-S Go Eagles!!!

  6. The scoreborad is one reason the will not win

  7. eagles shmeagles. i couldn’t care less–sorry–but i love keeping up with you online barry! (when i have time…)

    have a great week.

    p.s. was it you or nate (forgot his last name) who went with mike inman & me to a sixers game (vs. chicago bulls) and as we left, we were at a stoplight right next to the eagles head coach…mike opened the sunroof and made me get out and get the guy’s attention…i’m thinking you would have remembered that. so was it you?

  8. ouch. Was rooting for them, but just not in the “cards”. haha. well, I still gots me steelers! Going for #6. Not that it makes eagles fans feel any better…

  9. Oops! Guess the wreaths weren’t the answer. Sorry!

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